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Automotive Trash Can

Automotive Trash Can

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No More Cluttered and Filled Compartments: 

Stop filling up your doors, cupholders, glovebox, and floors with trash. Don't you wish you had an intended place for it all? Focus on driving and not cleaning.  The Automotive Trash Can makes it a one step process. Anything from a cup of coffee to a bag of chips, its all fair game!!

A quick fix: You can't get away from plastic and waste, at least get it out of sight and out of mind to be disposed of later. 

Water Proof: With a strong leak-proof plastic lining, all waste from hot to cold can be stored, dumped, and forgotten without any issue. 

Adjustable Fastening: With adjustable straps the can can be strapped anywhere. Your center console, gearbox, front/rear seats? Absolutely 

Easy Cleaning: Due to robust stitching and waterproof lining the Automotive Trash Can is machine washable or can be cleaned using a hose, in the sink, or with a towel. 

Product Specifications: 

Nylon Stitched Bag
Capacity: 6L (Liters) : Two Gallons
Color: Black

(Disposable bags not included nor required)

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