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Dog Proof Rear Seat and Trunk Cover

Dog Proof Rear Seat and Trunk Cover

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Keeps Them Included and Safe:

The cover both protects your rear seat/trunk and keeps your pet in their place while your driving, without putting them out of reach. Medium to Large sized pets can still reach their head over the cover to receive all the affection they need. 

With an open slip at the locations of seatbelt attachments you can still protect your rear seat and keep your pets safe and secure with a pet specific seatbelt. 

Scratch and Water Proof:

With robust stitching and a thick base layer, our covers completely prevent scratches to the underlying upholstery and leather of your vehicle. Similarly the cover is completely waterproof to prevent accidents and sloper from messing up your rear seat or trunk.  

Quick Clean:

Our covers are 100% machine washable and can also be very easily hosed down for an in depth clean. 

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