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EraClean Air Deodorizer

EraClean Air Deodorizer

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Pure and Fresh Air:

This purifier recycles the air in your vehicle so you can breath cleaner and fresher air everywhere to help reduce allergies, sinus irritation, nasal swelling, and more! With a multi-later HEPA filter it removes 99% of germs and particles like dandruff floating around your car. 

Small and Portable:  

This thing goes with you everywhere you go no questions asked. Due to it's small size and no need for installation this system can go from place to place and from car to car. And it is suitable for all vehicles except for those with an extremely large cabin size. 

Multiple Modes:

With two functional modes; Ozone mode and Negative Ion. Ozone mode is for a sudden refresh and circulates air 8-10 times throughout the entire space within 15 minutes while Negative Ion mode is used for a slow and more constant process with around one full cycle every hour.  Between each mode the better can last up to 12 hours and as little as 2 1/2 hours. 


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